ABSTRACT Instruction

The Shelf Life International Meeting (SLIM) welcomes the submission of high-quality and original researches and abstracts on any aspect of food packaging and shelf-life. Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting the abstract.


Abstract Selection Criteria

SLIM reserves the ultimate right to select abstracts submitted for review by the Peer Reviewers based on quality factors, including scientific merit, innovation, practical application and homogeneity with conference topics.


Abstract Rules and Format


• The SLIM conference is a forum for presenting new, original research findings.

• The mandatory format for the abstracts is pdf. It must address the following:

1. Introduction: background information and statement of the goal or hypothesis.

2. Materials and methods: succinct summary of experiment procedures.

3. Results: effective presentation of the key results. Abstract without any results will not be considered.

4. Conclusion: indicate the significance and application of the research findings.

5.  Key words: provide up to 5 words for indexing purposes

  • Abstracts must not exceed 1 page.

• References must not be included in the Abstract.

• Acknowledgment can be included in the Abstract

• Findings should be stated in sufficient detail to support conclusions.

• Standard abbreviations may be used without definition. Define nonstandard. abbreviations at the first use.

• Abstracts dealing with commercial products or services must have a scientific emphasis and should not be submitted for promotion purposes.

• All abstracts must use correct grammar and punctuation.

• Proofread very carefully for formatting, spelling, and grammar to avoid errors before submission.

• Abstracts submission is limited to a maximum of 2 papers per registration.


Abstract Review and Acceptance

If you have not received your disposition by March 31st, 2019, please contact the SLIM secretariat by email ( It is the responsibility of the presenting author to ensure that he/she has a valid and current email address. By submitting an abstract SLIM assumes that you will be in attendance to present if your submission is scheduled.


Abstract Submission

Abstracts can only be submitted online on conference website. Submissions by fax, post or email will not be considered.


The receipt of your abstract will be confirmed by email.