Aim & Scope

SLIM is a well-established international forum for presenting current developments and future directions of researches and applications on the shelf life of packaged foodstuff. The 9th edition will focus on Shelf life assessment, prediction and extension by applying new, safe and sustainable materials and technologies. The conference structure, the diversity of the attendees and the careful selection of the contributes from both industries and academic institutions will significantly contribute to the advancement of knowledge, to promote scientific discussions and to strengthen further collaborative research cooperation.



The conference will be structured on the following sessions:

  • Session 1: Shelf Life Assessment and Prediction
    • Shelf Life modelling
    • Accelerated shelf life tests
    • Food quality assessment
    • Sensory methodology for shelf-life assessment
    • Microbiological shelf life testing- new approach
    • Nutritional stability and retention
  • Session 2: New Technologies for Shelf Life Extension
    • Non-thermal and novel processing
    • High Pressure Processing
    • Ultrasound
    • Electrolyzed water
    • Cold Plasma
    • Light Technologies
    • Ionizing and Ultraviolet Radiation
    • Modified atmosphere, active and intelligent packaging
    • Innovation process and alternative ingredients
  • Session 3: New Materials for Shelf Life Extension
    • Nanomaterials for food packaging
    • Biodegradable food packaging
    • Bio based and edible packaging, bioplastics
    • High barrier packaging
    • New (active) polymeric coating on plastic and metallic substrates
    • New functional food packaging 
  • Session 4: Sustainability and Shelf Life
    • Sustainability
    • Recyclability
    • Life Cycle Assessment
    • Logistic model
    • Biodegradability
    • Food wastes reduction
  • Session 5: Packaging Materials and Safety Issues
    • Package testing
    • Migration tests and modelling
    • Risk assessment
    • Food contact materials: laws and regulations

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